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Each visit with Jennifer Nevy is a self-improvement journey; the soul becomes unburdened, energy flows, hidden blocks to health & growth evaporate. When I refer friends to Jennifer, the feedback is not just positive; the comments are glowing, life changing, releasing, healing at the soul level. Jennifer's energy work unburdens the soul and allows our 'being' to emerge into a wonderful glowing radiance, ready to get on with the goals of our life.

I really did not know what to expect when I started working with Jennifer Nevy and doing "energy work". To me that seemed like a pretty broad term. After the first session I was completely sold on energy work and especially on Jennifer! She has an incredible gift which she is only too happy to share. Her insights are nothing short of amazing and her ability to hone in on issues I was struggling with astounded me. Each time I leave after a session I feel incredibly at peace and confident in moving forward. I would recommend Jennifer's services to ANYONE.

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I didn't know what to expect from a visit with Jennifer Nevy. I had experienced energy work before and really enjoyed it, but I had never been in the presence of someone who is practicing from such a selfless, loving and clear space. My time with Jennifer thus far has assisted me in setting clear intentions for business and everything has fallen into place beautifully, perfectly even. Everything I intend or attempt to magnetize manifests in one way or another. I am overjoyed with the result of my time with her: through guided meditation, she has helped connect with my highest self; she has given me tools to return to a place of peace amidst the chaos and discontent that can so easily consume us; and she has helped me remove the blockages I had placed within myself prohibiting my own success. Now I truly understand what it means to "be in your flow." My heart is full of gratitude for what Sacred Awakenings has brought to my life.

My experience with Jennifer has been and continues to be, exquisite. Jennifer is a conscious loving presence that I would deem angelic. From the minute I am met at the door I feel her heart connects with mine and the healing begins. She has the ability to see me at my core or my essence, which is deeply affirming and her respect, honor and love for me is unwavering.

Jennifer is a beautiful, joyful, human being and gifted healer. She has great personal integrity and a profound desire to serve all who come to her with genuine care and compassion. Whatever my requests for healing have been during our sessions together, Jennifer's insight, clarity and 'hands on' healing have been transformational. I am delighted and grateful to have her accompaniment on my personal growth and healing journey. Jennifer simply radiates love, generosity and compassion and I feel totally immersed in her beauty every time I see her....thank you Jennifer!

My daughters have had health issues their whole lives. The physical expression of this has mainly been digestive, but there are also many emotional and spiritual factors that doctors can never quite figure out. Working with Jennifer has been such a blessing. She has helped us through many situations and emergencies when we would have otherwise gone to the hospital. Her intuition has proven to be spot on. When she has tested the girls' medications or recommended other supplements, I used to take them to our naturopathic doctor who was always truly amazed at how accurate Jennifer's insights were.

Through her energy work, Jennifer has supported us with love and light so that we can relax into our bodies and heal. She is so loving and non-judgemental-the girls adore being around her. She respects and honors them by seeing them as their own beings with souls full of light. Needless to say, Jennifer Nevy is highly recommended by our family.

I don't know if there are enough words to express how I feel about Jennifer. I am forever changed in knowing Jennifer. She and our work together have transcended me wholly. She has helped me to walk in light and positivity and to be my highest self in all that I think, say, feel, see, smell, hear, and taste. Jennifer sees people for their authentic soul, without judgment, and always with love. Jennifer's work is of true healing, connecting all parts of mind, body,soul and spirit, and releasing negativity, blocks, and pain. Her energy work feels subtle, yet profound. I am always left feeling connected and whole again, centered and grounded, refreshed, relaxed, uplifted and calm within my mind, body, and spirit. After a session with Jennifer, I have a deeper sense of connection to Source Energy or God, and feel empowered to be my best self in all that I do, and in all that I can give to the world. Every being needing some clarity, guidance, positive empowerment, love and encouragement to be our best selves, to be centered/grounded, or to be simply held in space with pure love, respect, and honor, would benefit greatly from Jennifer's work. Jennifer has helped me in so many ways and I am forever changed. Again, there are not enough words to show my gratitude and appreciation, love and respect for Jennifer. She has helped to transcend my soul to connect with all parts of myself and to be a better human, just being in this life. Thank you Jennifer for all that you are, all that you do, all that you love, all that you share, and all that you give.

As a professional in the field of massage, polarity, and cranio-sacral therapy, I have spent the majority of my life surrounded by and working directly with some of the most incredibly gifted intuitives, teachers and healers of many and varied modalities. Needless to say, I am very particular when I choose to work with someone-especially on a regular basis.

After a friend referred me to Jennifer for energy work, I was so astounded by her beautiful presence and impeccable ability to hold safe and sacred space, that I have been seeing her once or twice a month for nearly a year. Jennifer Nevy is truly a gifted healer, who positively radiates love. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in healing and evolving emotionally and spiritually. She is a rare and gorgeous soul.

THANK YOU for showing me the way back to myself. I have been feeling great since our session and am taking incremental steps to help anchor my consciousness in this world. I already feel a huge difference in my vibration. Jennifer, you are a beacon of light in an ever illuminating world, keep sharing that light with others.

Thank you Jennifer for your peaceful example, for modeling a high vibration of integrity, for beautiful friendship, community, belonging and compassion, all of which have helped me step out of a seemingly painful birthing process and suffering, into a new level of yet more processing but on a much different vibration of love, deeper compassion, deeper wisdom, deeper humor and deeper peace. Your gifts are refined, loving and beautiful!

I am extremely Grateful for the gifts and blessings of our work together, and I Thank You Jennifer with my entire being.

I have experienced Profound changes! My energy field is much clearer. I do not feel that I have energy attachments that are not mine clinging to my body any longer. I notice right away when I become ungrounded, and I am able to ground easily once that has happened. Before, being grounded was a huge challenge for me, and it took much energy (to almost no effect) to try and ground myself. Due to our work together, Universal life-force is flowing into my being more freely, and I am able to work with the energies with greater confidence and security. I am able to access visualization more freely and I am applying the mantra work Jennifer offered which has proven to be a powerful tool for me in my daily life helping me to transmute negative vibrations into higher, more resonant love vibrations. I have been freer to manifest my intentions without becoming overwhelmed. Life is flowing into place more freely and I am feeling stronger. I Thank You!


Retreat Reflections and Testimonials

We not only bonded as Spiritual Beings but also as a family. The love, compassion and support that was given and received by all. I feel so blessed to have been a part of Jennifer's Intensive Healing Retreat.

We learned so much from Jennifer and each other. We all brought a part of us that we were able to share with each other. I came into the group with low self esteem and questioning everything that I was doing, and I went back home as a very confident Being in the knowing that "YES" I am listening to my higher guidance, and that when I received a nudge to do something else, that I was doing exactly what I was meant to be doing. My abilities and spiritual knowledge is growing daily. I now understand that I don't need to question what it is that I am doing and I don't need to know the reason why I am being led to do something.

I am so very grateful that Jennifer has stepped into the role of Teacher so that she can assist in guiding us along our true paths.

Our healing retreat was meaningful to me for many different reasons. The most obvious effect it had on me personally was a very profound re-awakening of my relationship with crystals and stones, feathers and candles, and the communication with those consciousnesses, and how powerfully they can be used to guide and provide energy. The retreat also left me with a much deeper awareness of the support of guides and angels and that has meant the world to me, and has indeed been truly life changing. I light candles with intent now, and know without doubt that beautiful and sacred beings share the flame to bring healing energy to our world. I am much more conscious of the energies of assisting energies now than ever before...

The flow and the fullness of each day allowed so much sacred healing energy, it became like a cocoon. And the food was divine. I would be a blissful woman indeed if I could attend every retreat Jennifer offers.

Our retreat was truly a life changing time for me. Everything has come together! I now understand what I was being prepared for all my life. During this retreat my intention and my focus came together as a vision for the future. I give such thanks to all of the wonderful participants who poured their hearts, souls and willingness to heal themselves, one another and the earth. Truly grateful.

This healing retreat has been a validation of who I am. An opening. A doorway and also the gentle loving guidance and support I needed so that I know I am held as I walk through.

I am so grateful for all of the love, joy and healing that I received and gave at our retreat. This opportunity has been truly life changing for me and has filled me with the confidence of not just knowing my truth, but to be able to move into walking my truth and sharing my truth my voice that I have kept hidden for so long. I have such a fullness within my heart from the guidance and support that I have received from this beautiful group of beings which I will call sisters and brothers. I feel so truly blessed by our time together and look forward to this connection into eternity.

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