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Interfaith Works presents:

The World Sacred Music Festival

a celebration of the sacred through the uplifting music & dance of the world




The World Sacred Music Festival is dedicated to presenting a rich diversity of music and dance performances and interactive workshops. If you would like to get involved as an artist, workshop leader, volunteer, planner, grant writer, or in another capacity, get in touch! The festival is volunteer-run, and happens only through broad community support .

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"Among the many forms in which the human spirit has tried to express its innermost yearnings and perceptions, music is perhaps the most universal. There is something in music that transcends and unites. This is evident in the sacred music of every community... music that expresses the universal yearning that is shared by people all over the globe."

His Holiness The Dalai Lama
in his 1999 call for sacred music festivals to celebrate the new millennium


Other Global Sacred Music Festivals:
(not directly affiliated with Olympia's WSMF)

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International Festival of Sacred Arts (Delhi, India)

World Festival of Sacred Music, Los Angeles (USA)

Quebec City Festival of Sacred Music (Canada)

Festival of World and Sacred Music Girona (Spain)

Brighton Festival of World Sacred Music (England)

Michigan Festival of Sacred Music (USA)

Festival de Dijon World Sacred Music (France)






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