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Hey Friends, Family, Neighbors!

Come out and barter your quality, locally produced, artful, second use, and/or organic products and services.

See what others in the area are creating, and join us in a celebration of Halloween and the abundance of the harvest season.

Also - please feel free to print and share the attached flier!

6th Annual - 2012 Olympia Family Barter Faire!

October 27th & 28th, 2012
Where: The Cabana on Shincke
4326 Shincke Rd NE
Olympia, WA 98506
about 10 minutes from Olympia see map

This year the faire will offer...

  • Vendors bartering the fruits of their harvest, labor, skills, crafting, creativity and quality 2nd use items
  • live entertainment
  • skill shares
  • drum circle
  • camping
  • day parking

Tickets for the Public:

$5 per adult, both Saturday and Sunday
$2.50 for kids 16-18
Kids < 16 free

Camping is $15 per site.

People who pay Saturday and leave, and then return on Sunday must pay again. Those who pay the $15 camping fee and stay Saturday night do not have to pay again on Sunday

Tickets for the Vendors:

$15 per booth for the weekend. which includes 1 adult.
Additional adults manning a booth are $5 per person, and the daily fee for kids detailed above applies.

What is a barter faire? It is a two-day event where local and regional vendors will come together in a family style gathering to barter their crafts, produce, cuisine, skills, and collections of stuff. The location will be in a beautiful rural spot near Olympia. There will be camping and daytime visitors, singing, dancing, music, conversation, and many volunteer opportunities.

What’s the Mission of the Faire? The Olympia Family Barter Faire was created to build community, support a local economy, provide educational opportunities through workshops and skill shares, promote the arts, and work towards local sustainability. Our events encompass values that reflect a respect for diversity and the vision of a socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable society.

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Thank you!

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