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White Deer Story 3

This is a story of this White Deer Woman and her travels. If you're listening to this story just say In A Weth. It comes from Decatur Island, part of the San Juan Islands.

There, this lady; people would see her in the forest. She would appear to them. People had never seen something like this. The lady had a horn, one horn on her head. There was another kind of power that people would see with one horn. And it was not a good power, it was to let you know you were going to die soon and it was giving you time to prepare for yourself to let everybody know what you needed to let them know. So people were often frightened of this particular power. But this other power was different, it was a peacemaker power and it also had a horn.

And she appeared to this man and she said: why are you out here? Are you hunting? " He says yes I was hunting I'm hunting for the deer. But I haven't found any deer. And then he realized he was talking to some one who was not human. He says by the way what is that you are wearing on your head? She says it is my horn,. You like it? It is very interesting. What do you use your horn for? She says I appear to people who are going to become peacemakers,. That is why I have appeared in front of you. Oh, but I only wanted to come out to hunt deer. I am not seeking a power. I already have hunting power that is all I need. I can't do any more. And you do not say that to the peacemaker, I cannot do any more. That means, Oh you have lots of work to do.

The poor man had gotten very, very depressed. He did not know why he got depressed. And after that depression left him he realized he realized him it was his old self, negative energy leaving his body. That's what they call depression. It was just leaving; old skin, old spirit that was leaving slowly that was what he was feeling. The peacemaker the White Deer said. Well don't just sit there and cry around say good-bye to your depression? Oh is that what I am suppose to do. Yes you are a peacemaker. Peacemakers always do that whether they want to or not. As time went on he began to learn this ritual of saying goodbye to depression or what ever would land on him as it would leave him. He learned a song after a while from the peacemaker.

He would sing that song. It was a song to shake hands with people, or a song the people would use as they would come in the longhouse. They would drum and sing. Different ones that would come in they would sing their own song; how they would say hello to everybody. Every family had their own way of shaking hands. So that's where that came from—going around with the peace that peaceful spirit. Sharing that peaceful spirit with everybody. And this is what he introduced to the people there in Decatur Island and all the islands.

He says well what do you do as a peacemaker when you have a White Deer power. I have no idea what it is. The power waited for him to ask that. Oh I am so glad you asked. You are to visit angry people. That is your job. Wherever there are angry people you will go visit them. Far and near. You will be well known by the angry people. Oh No. he opened his heart again without even knowing it by saying Oh No . Oh he tried to resitst. The more he tried to resist the stronger the power became. Oh why does this have to happen to me. I just wanted to live a quiet life. I didnt want to be bothered by a bunch of people, especially people I dint even know, why me. And the White Deer power was waiting for him to ask that question. It says: that is very good. I will tell you why. But I wont tell you until you visit the angry people.

He was drawn to another island, San Juan Island, Friday harbor. There was an angry family there. And the lady who lived there who was the leader of this family. We all had an angry ancestor at one time. Maybe it was just for a few minutes, a few hours, few days, few years. Anger is not tolerated; the type of anger that she had was destructive. So the peacemaker said go and visit her family now. Oh No; I never go visit that island. I don't even like going there. It is a good time to start liking it. It is a good time for you are a peacemaker now. Peacemakers like everything, even if they do not know. He was drawn there. He got to the house. It is customary to feed your visitors. The lady was very angry. She took a bowl of water. "Here drink it". Why is she being so mean to me. And all of this loving kindness came out of him. And he was saying why is she being so mean to me. Makes me feel so sad. But then all of a sudden he just started smiling. (Smilingly said) why is she being so mean to me, why oh just why. Then he couldn't stop smiling. It was making the lady angier. Why are you smiling at me? People do not smile in my house. Get out of my house with that smile. All these things started leaving her, this energy started leaving her. Then all of a sudden her mouth started to like smile. (Strained smile) get out of my house. Nobodies allowed to smile in my house. Its not allowed. What's happening; my face. Oh I can't stand this. Oh no. Soon she just fell over—she passed out because the joy and love was just too overwhelming. She was just drunk with the love and kindness of the peacemaker. As she came to she felt so at peace and she said I don't know what came over me. Who am I? She had hit her head on a rock. Even the rock they had in this house was an angry rock. All the anger left this house; this whole house was angry. When she hit her head on the rock. By that time the rock was a forgetful rock. There the knowledge of the rock went into her head and she forgot. So she did not know who she was. Who am I? The peacemaker said you are peaceful, you are peaceful, and you are a loving person. Really, really, Oh No. And the poor man he says to his spirit power can I go home now, please.

All right I have pity upon you, but well just have a short stop on the way to Decatur Island. We have to stop at Orcas Island for a little bit. There's one angry old lady who lives there. She's so angry. She's one of those Indian doctors who holds onto peoples souls and she keeps them in baskets. She's still angry at her husband. She had killed her husband and put his soul into a basket. And she still argues with her husband in the basket. This is not tolerated. You are a peacemaker you must go there so they will both be free. Oh I don't know how to do that. The spirit power said, I was waiting for you to say that. They journeyed there. And their canoe was full of things. The family was so grateful for the healing they sent people with them to travel with them to guide them. And there as they arrived at Orcas Island the doctoring woman could feel all this love and kindness. She says why is everybody not afraid of me. Half of the village lived in her longhouse in baskets. And the baskets were starting to shake in her house. She said you're not afraid of me. You must be more afraid shake more. If you do not I'll put your souls back into your body and you'll be miserable forever. For she had curse the bodies of these people. In the story it says she had 47 cursed bodies. And these 47 cursed souls did not want to go back to their cursed bodies; they would rather live in the baskets. Shake some more. Dust my house. So with their power—with shaking they dusted her house and the breath of their souls took the dust out of the houses. The poor peacemaker, the man said: Whoa which house are we suppose to go to. He was trying to—like maybe we don't have to go there. And the power said it is the house—that house there with all the barnacles on it—it is covered with barnacles; that is the house you are to go to. It is the oldest house. Well who lives in that house. OoH a real mean evil doctoring woman who argues with her husband whose soul is stuffed in a basket. She even made him make the basket himself and after he was done she killed him and took the soul out and put it in his own basket. She is a very mean person.

Oh well, oh no. So he was drawn there. As soon as he got to the front of the house, the house started to shake. It was filled with different kinds of powers. His light was so bright as he touched the house he freed the souls in the logs, in the planks of the house, even in the barnacles. The barnacles were happy and they were saying even us we do not have to be possessed by demons. There he heard the moaning of the 47 baskets (various moaning voices) Let me out of here; please help me its dusty and dark in here. She's mean to us; please help us. I'm tired of living in a basket. And all the baskets were elaborately made. They were very, very beautiful. This old lady looked at the peacemaker and she said. Why do you come to my house with your peaceful spirit and disrupt my house. You must leave. I have an even more beautiful basket for your soul. Do you want the basket? The peacemaker; the spirit power said to the man: tell this old witch that she is the most beautiful peace-loving witch that he has ever met. Oh No I don't want to. I just want to be a hunter,. I don't want to do this work. And of course he said Oh No and the power started moving through him. And he just started smiling; he started walking towards her and she said don't come near me you smell to nice. For she was very ugly, a very, very ugly person and her smell was so strong she literally smelled like shit. It was very old shit. In the story it says it was her fourth ancestors shit/rotting skin that she was wearing. Her dress was covered. It was a beautiful shiny black, but it was all covered with flies. She had a beautiful necklace that was so shiny and beautiful, but it was the living puss of all the souls that she had taken out of the dead bodies and she turned them into beads. She says you are disturbing me. Do not come close to me or you will suffer. But he kept getting closer and closer and the house became very bright with the light and the baskets began to open and these souls began to fly out of the smoke holes of the longhouse. As they flew out the people were so happy. The peacemaker said go back to your bodies they will be new again, they are not rotting, they are not old. As soon as your soul will touch your body you will heal yourself. The old ugly witch was so horrified. She took the basket out she was =going to put his soul into. She was going to curse it. (Curse) she got a board. She drew black paint on the board, his face. She ground up these things that are sharp; ground them up into powered form. She spit at it. She spit four times. And there she cursed him. Curse you that you will rot slowly from inside out, outside in. That your aura will be the rotting smells of people. May you live in pain, slowly. Every time I laugh you will be in pain. She said this over and over and over and he was starting to back away from the old ugly witch, but the peacemaker was standing behind him and pushing him. The more he went away from witch; the peacemaker said oh your loving your beautiful your full of light. You will die if you come close to me. You are so miserable and disgusting; you're a simple human being. I will curse all of your family. You'll watch them suffer. You will bury them with what's left of you. Your arms. You'll rot from your feet to your legs. He was moving way far from her. At this time the peacemaker said enough is enough now and. She just pushed the man into the witch. He fell on top of the old ugly witch. The peacemaker threw-up. As he threw up it was the curse she had shot into his body. He had threw it up and it went into her face. You are going to dies now. Soon as she said that she said your suffering, you are suffering, you're just so lovely, you're so peaceful. Why am I smiling? I have never smiled in my life. You will live forever, you're so beautiful. She had a big smile on her face. There this light just filled her body and all these horrible things –her body started to come into the form of worms, long white worms, thousands of them started to crawled off her body. It was the four ancestors that were evil that lived on her body. The peacemaker said may all the worms be peaceful and they all went into the ground. Her dress flew away, it was covered with flies. The pus that was dried and made into beads that looked like pearls they began to crawl away back into the bodies where they belonged. After a while all this decayed stuff left the old witch. She was a beautiful lady. And she did not know herself for she was also cursed. What is going on here? Why am I here?

The man said believe it or not you were an old ugly witch and you tried to kill me. Bye. Oh no please do not leave do not leave. Oh I must go now my work is done. And he begged the peacemaker. He said can I go home now. Yes you have done your work. He left that place. The people were freed in that place. When he got back home he began to learn more about his work as a peacemaker. And as time went on—in his later years he would never say oh no again, but he would encourage other people to become peacemakers. The loving spirit that carried his life. They say that wherever he would go to pray for people. People would smell different kinds of flowers. A smell would enter the room; it was so sweet and smelly. Or sometimes they would hear a waterfall or sometimes hear something that was comforting and it would heal their soul and they always knew that the peacemaker the one with the White Deer man would arrive soon because of his loving presence. And that is all. Thank you for listening and thank Scott for opening the way. Encourage to learn these stories to share they are very old stories. And it shows us again how a spirit of peace a spirit that was here before humans were here, that lived and traveled with the time of light, the speed of light and how powerful that is. How much of the universe that lives within the light that we use today. I just encourage you to listen to the stories with your heart.

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