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White Deer Story 2

Here is a story of this White Deer Man, and it is from the people of the Cowichian,

You can say I elth

There lived this young lady. She was blind. She was blinded by the anger of other people. And she did not want to see anybody anymore. She was tired of being tired, and tired of the anger, of being around people who were angry. She just did not want to deal with it anymore so she made herself blind mentally. You can make your body that way. Your body is real amazing. Your body can heal as fast as you want it to, or as slow as you want it to. Or however much time you need. Your soul knows how much time you need to work in this world. And so she knew she could blind herself. So when she was around angry people she would become literally deaf. She could not hear them, she could not smell them, She could not see them. Once in a while she ran into a peaceful person. She was awake for a few hours. And she could see the beautiful colors. But as soon as shed feel the anger everything would become blackened. This is how she lived her life. But they say there is a reason we do not just live in peace loving and beautiful ways. There is a reason for the different forces that live here with us on the earth. Some of them have lived here way before human beings lived here on this earth.

So she was very strong. She was a very strong medicine person already. There her eyes opened again. This young girl was around 11 years old, She was becoming a woman. And when her eyes opened there was this man, a very very handsome man. She says Oh you are so handsome. You are the most peaceful man I have ever seen. And I like your cedar bark dress. It His cedar bark dress. He had only one strip of twined cedar bark around his waist and one strip of cedar bark on the left side. That was his cedar bark dress. He said I am a very peaceful man. I am A White Deer man. She says you must be very wealthy, but you must be very poor with clothes you only have one strip. It is because I give all my clothes away. And I only keep the one strip to remind me; oh this is a material life. Great abundance comes to me when I remember this. And so he said I noticed you have been blinded; you have been blinded by anger and terrible things of this world. Yes, I do not like to see angry people. I do not even like to be around them it makes me very ill. And he asked her why are you so angry then? I am not angry. I only have peaceful loving things in my heart. You have become so blinded you cannot even feel the anger in your soul. Let me help you. She said Oh NO. Soon as she said that her heart opened and she had received the spirit power.

The elders say do not say Oh No when you are on a vision quest you might get any kind of spirit power. When you are on a vision quest say that tree is the one saying oh no, not me. There this young girl did not have that teaching as we know in this story because she said oh no. And she got this power and she said Oh no why me. Why do I have to do this? And the White Deer man said because you said oh no. That is the doorway for all negativity to be free. That is how many people set themselves free by saying that and they open themselves to many things they do not know about until they say yes.

There as she returned home, even her grandmother said Oh No you must have received something peaceful. It is something unidentified we do not know in this world. Because She had been born into a very angry family. And her grandmother was always smiling when she was angry. Uh, it's so nice that you are here with us with your new vision quest. And its so nice with your white deer man, we are just so happy that your with us we just cant take it any more we just don't know what to do with this kind of power. We don't know how long we are going to live, please go on another vision vision quest I just cant stand it. She began to cry and cry because her face was hurting from smiling from this joy and peace that was coming out of her granddaughter and it was going into her grandmother and it was making her feel just gross. They didn't use the word gross in those days. It was unbearable. And there this joy was so wonderful the grandmother had a heart attack and dropped dead. And she died in peace. For her granddaughter had become a peacemaker. A peacemaker does not always unite people, but sometimes frees them from this world. The granddaughter did not really want to kill her grandmother. That was the only word she knew because she was raised in a dysfunctional angry family. I didn't mean to kill my grandmother. And the White Deer man said there are other words that used in this world other than kill. Death is change. Change is death. Your grandmother died in a peaceful way and for once in her life she had one real smile before she died. So after that her granddaughter did not feel bad. She became joyful.

She went around. There people that began to die. The part of them that began to die was the part that was smothering. Had smothered their soul. In the story the grandmother comes back to life, but she comes back as a new person. And she's so new and full of joy her own granddaughter does not recognize her. The White Deer man has to tell her that's your grandmother. The white deer man power also tells you who you are related to. People who are joyful and peaceful are your relatives. People who are filled with poison are your distant relatives. People who are overdosed with poison are not related to you. And so she continues to learn who her relatives are. She realizes the power has taken her to places where she would have never gone to, because she would say Oh No I don't want to go there, Oh no I do not want to go here, Oh no why do I have to do this. And of course she would have to go to all those places and do everything that the peaceful spirit would show her.

She would often go off into the forest and she would listen to the water or listen to the rain. And by listening to the water she would learn new songs to give away. Songs of peace, and the songs were the crying, the tears, of the people who did not get to live their life fully. But now they can live fully because they are recognized, because they are listened to by peaceful people. And they say when you are at peace and have a quiet time in the forest you will hear a song and when you share the song with some one you might not remember it after a while. It is because it was some ones song who finally got to be free. Someone listened to them and they are happy they are filled with joy, and so you have done your work. And this is what the older people say the White Deer man had taught them. She would think to herself Oh no why do I have to listen to a bunch of dead people I don't even know and sing their beautiful songs. I don't want to learn all these songs.

As she became older she got married. She married this man who was from farther North. He was Klaoose. Klaoose is Cortez Island off of Vancouver Island. And this man she married was very quiet. He was deaf and dumb. She said he's so peaceful he's more peaceful than I am but she didn't realize he was very loud in his sleep. She would always talk to him. His power that he had was "when quena ma hatet". The power of the voices of the world. The voices would move through his body. That's how he would communicate with his wife. Just when she was just ready to go to sleep he would say: Hi Honey how are you doing. Why do you have to talk now? I'm just about to go to sleep. Well I only get to talk when the powers move through me. They have their own time I don't get to choose, but at least I get to talk to you. OUUH Oh no. There her power began to work again to go to peaceful places; to these other worlds that she had never gone to; she never wanted to go to, but she would go to through her husbands voices—the voices coming through him. So she had a very interesting life.

There she began to learn the sign language. They say the sign language she learned from her husband was the movement of time; the time of the peacemaker. When the first people arrived upon the earth they used this kind of sign language. It was the movement of the wind, the movement of trees, and the rain, and everything that moves that is natural and that is pure and that is "tees sa haun" that, we say makes your heart wholesome and full and healthy. This sign language was a touch. Some of the sign language we still use today--the native sign language from the north. Like this (signing) my mind is feeling strong from the earth. This is how they would sign in those days in the first world—with a touch of their body. They would also sign with people who are blind. And some of you who know blind people they also sign with their hands. It is a little bit different though than the way the first world people signed. And this is what this lady learned from the White Deer man —the signing with the touch. Peaceful loving signing. For they were killing, changing all the negative energy even when they were signing. Their language had become so peaceful that it eliminated anything that was negative. They did not have words like that because their language was continuously washing their soul. This was from the White Deer man. So this technique became very, very important to this lady because her husband would talk in his sleep, all these different voices coming through. That's the only time he would talk; when he was sleeping. So she would use the sign language. May I only hear peaceful quiet words, and all the heavy words will go away. She did that only once. That's how she learned how to sleep with her husband.

And she used it also when he would snore. But again the White Deer people are from under the under the world, under that world under that world under world, under that world, under that world for a whole hour. The snores from the under world come from beyond the underworld. So she had to learn again, Oh No why do I have to remove negative energy from those worlds snoring sounds that I don't want to hear. She learned the technique of the touch of movement of respect of watching and learning from the White Deer man. And she finally understood when you do things carefully and when you say things in a precise way when you do it with quality and its filled with the pure love and peace you never have to repeat yourself. That is what they call memory. And a memorizer, the word, some people say it came from the White Deer people under the world under that world under the world under that world under that world under the world under between those worlds and under that that's what we call memorizing. Over and over and over again. And that why in the stories, the ancient stories, even the epic stories how they are repeated over and over again it always connects back to the peacemaker; the White Deer people, so its another understanding of why things were repeated over and over again. It wasn't just because people forgot things, it was; we must remember peacemaker, we must remember to be at peace with ourselves. Like the many ancient cultures, the Hindu culture, the Buddhist culture the mantras they have how they repeat the same prayer over and over, even in the Catholic church with the hail marys over and over and over; there's more meaning to that than just words. So it's really interesting, I think, of the peacemaker. So in this way the stories told of the peacemaker repeating over and over. And this poor girl who had received this spirit power of the White Deer man. She always would say Oh No why do I have to do this,. Oh no I don't, and she just opened herself up to more work because the spirits say Oh you said Oh No we like you. And they say that is what this White Deer man or White Deer woman, White Deer power is attracted to. People who say that. So always remember if you are in a vision quest out in the forest don't say Oh NO. You never know what will come to you.

And that's the end of that story.

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