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Spokane Story #2

I will share one story from East of the mountains. It was told by an elderly lady. Her name was Etta Adams. She is from the Spokane Tribe. A Star story that is from the Spokane people.

Oh, long ago the first people, long ago people could talk to one another with their mind. Not using very many words. The power of their minds,; communicating telepathically.

This lady was looking in the stars; looking up there., and wondering: "Oh, I wonder what those people are like up there" And she went to sleep, this lady. And she went to sleep just from her wishing to go up to this place. That's where she ended up when she awakened, this land of the White Star people. When she awakened she looked around. There this man said, "Oh, you were wishing to see what it is like here. And I also was looking at the earth and wondering what those people are like down there. I am a White Star, but I am not like the bright shining white star people. Because the bright shining white star people are the pussy face ones the ones; with the puss coming out of the eyes and nose and everything. And that's what makes them so shiny from a distance. This was a White Star that that was a different kind of White Star—that communicates with the praying people with their mind-their spirit And he said: " since you had wished for us White star people we will come and visit you". This is the song she heard when she arrived in this White Star. And all the ladies can sing sing this part. Nee Lee Lemt Th Tha.. Nee Lee Lemt Then Tha is the name of this White Star place. Men can sing this part, Quan Sa Loo. Quan Sa Loo is the name of this White Star man. There as they were singing that's when she got really sleepy again. She awakened again and she was on the earth. She stood up. There was a bright shiny being. the White Star man had followed her back. Because that's what she wished for. This is the beginning of the first people.

This White Star was a peacemaker. He was also a changer, changing many different things. He said: "I'm here just for a short time to do this work. I am here to deliver a message", The message of peace. The people say this messenger also came over to this part of the country. Some people know him as LaHelby. La Helby was also a prophet who lived here in the Skagit country, known as La Helby. As he traveled, he would tell the people it is important that every time you have a table that you share you must tell the food to be medicine for all the loved ones. And he'd sing a song. And he tells them this is how you're to pray for your food. You sing to receive the message that the spirit will show you. So that's the way of these people. They would listen to this White Star, this very luminous being, very shiny. And those that did not listen to the message of the White Star, they would become very very confused. So he told them you will do work in other places, other than the world. For the people that will be coming to the earth will not be able to live with people like you. He would change the minds of people. Going around, singing, singing White Star songs. Only use this for good, only to be the peacemaker. I am the peacemaker. We are to use the songs to call the great message, to bless all the ones who come to visit you. This is what he would tell the people.

The lady, the one that called the White Star said: " what am I suppose to do"? He said you are the mother of the White Star, the mother. You are the spirit of the Mother Earth. Every time you sing this song for a big gathering it will snow. Only sing this song in the wintertime. It is a winter White Star song. ( I am not going to sing it. I don't want anybody to learn it—I don't want to be stuck together for several days.) So she learned the song. And she followed the instructions of the peacemaker. The peacemaker would go to many places. And he says I will always come back to the people in the form of Les sput ma. One of the oldest medicines is the rock medicine. As soon as he said that, she had asked him how will you come back and he was a changer so he changed himself, Spokane people call it the White Stars that live in the rock, what you call now the granite. Wherever the White Star traveled he had changed people into the granite. These were the people who refused to listen to him. They were turned into the granite rock. You will be used by the people who are coming here, coming to the earth. They will use you. You will be the helpers.

There the Spirit of the Earth, this lady she cried and cried, oh my. She told her family what she had done. She was the one that had called the white Star to come to the earth. And so from that day on especially among the Spokane people. They would never call the White Star people unless they had a big feast or give away to heal people with the message of peace, the peacemaker's message. All the people would say if you do not listen to the message you will be the next granite, granite rock for the next generation that will be coming. That is why a lot of them would never wish for the White Stars long ago. They would just thank the White Star for being there. For it was a very, very strong medicine. Some people do not follow the message of peace, the peacemaker's message. And he transformed himself into the granite. This lady said this is the way it has always been and it is still happening today. With the Star people and the Rock.

What is the Rock? What is the foundation? What kind of foundation is needed for the peacemakers,; for the people that believe in peacemaking?

And that is all.

And that little story. It is a very short story; it has many, many messages in it when you go over it over and over again. The transformers that lived, the prophets that lived. Why would a transformer even change himself here on the earth when he could leave anytime? Leave this world and go back to the star world. There are lots of teachings in that.

I thank every one.

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