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Te Kow Taen, The Blue Star from the Center of the earth

The story of "Te Kow Taen" the Blue Star, The Blue Healing Star is from Decatur Island, from the people of Thilk-Kenneten, the feeling of the people from far away. This story is from San Juan Island as told by Marianne Cladoosby to Johnny Moses.

This story is of a star that came to the earth in the first world, As it is said in this story that star came to help the people that needed the healing. For powers were being misused, starting to be misused in the ending of the first world. People went into the earth to hide from the fireballs that were being thrown by the evil shamans who had chosen to use their power to hurt people. And the fireballs moved around the earth several times. As they began to move they began to change into many colors and these colors began to reach out to destroy the people. The people were burning in their places; the people were frozen, then burned to death. And the power of this Blue Star awakened. That Star was asleep for a long time in the center of the earth. That star had come to this earth in the beginning of the first world. It began to sing out to the people who could hear, the people of pure heart. And it began to sing. And all over the earth appeared the blue flowers that began to bloom in the middle of winter at a cold time. For the powers of these evil shaman were trying to destroy the rest of the people with their powers. Using their powers to freeze some of the powers. The flowers began to bloom in different areas of the world. There was the Blue Flower named after Te Kow Taen, called Te Kalla Lii ah. Te Kalla Lii ah is a beautiful blue flower that grows way up in the mountains and then Thinna xe xett, Thinna xe xett, is another, a light blue flower that has white specks on it. And these two flowers, as they began to bloom all over, they called out to the people and they said: "come to us my beloved ones, come to us, do not fear the evils ones. We will protect you '. And the people were running to these flowers. And the people, some of them were screaming. Some of them were crying because they were so afraid of what happened with the black shamans trying to destroy the families, trying to destroy the knowledge of the "Ancient People".

And at that time there -, the land began to break apart in many places. They say that the San Juan Islands, the Gulf Islands were one land at one time, and they broke apart. And those people, many of them fell into the earth. And some of them who survived went to these Blue Flowers and the land began to raise, great earthquakes, great changes. And these people found protection with these Blue Flowers. And the flowers spoke out and said: We carry the Star, the Blue Star, Te Kow Taen. We carry it to you. Cover yourself with the Blue Star. Paint your face with the Blue Star. And they looked into the earth and it was red, but spiritually it was blue. And they painted their faces red, all red. And only they could see the blue, spiritually. The evil shamans could not see this blue. And this is how some of these people protected themselves, because the black shamans had ordered everyone who was to follow them to paint their faces red, completely red. And this is how they knew that they were one of them. And this is how the First People at that time survived the great destruction and the Blue Star showed the people how to carry the songs and to use the songs to create the knowledge to become beautiful again. Wherever has been destroyed, wherever has become low intelligence, wherever has become sickly, these people used this power to renew the spirit of those who had suffered. And there they used the power and they began to heal the suffering, the people who still carried the Ancient Knowledge. And the first patients were the black shamans who had destroyed their own families. These people would cry as they would doctor and pray for the black shamans. And the Star said: "now you have done the work, we will return to the center of the earth for 700 years, and we will come back. But all that we leave with you, you must repeat it over and over again to keep the life force alive with the people." And then they kept the knowledge alive for 700 years.

And in the seven hundredth year, after the destruction of the first world there was an eclipse of "Wxasitsxaeiten Wxathlanixlth" the alignment of the star that the old people called Su Taokten" the star that is dying. It was looked at as an orange star. They would see it in the daytime. In those days it would turn orange and then it would turn red. They knew at that time, in the 700th year after seeing this star appear. It was prophesized that the power of the Blue Star would come back once again to see if the people kept the teachings of the Blue Star alive. And a great civilization, a great knowledge had developed among the people. They would chant, as they would see this Star, The Orange and Red Star. It was starting to fade away now. Leaving, leaving them. They said that this star was with the people for three months and it finally left. And they chanted every morning together as a community, and again in the evening for the star. And as they changed as the star began to leave, the power of the Blue Star said, from this day on you will use the touch of the mother earth. I will show you how to heal with the touch of Mother Earth. And this is when people began to touch people in healing. Because in the healing ceremonies they never touched people. They would only have their hands open, or they would go over them and they would not touch their body. Only in social ways or in ways of a family holding hands of comforting some one. This is where they learned to use the doctoring by laying on of hands on a persons body.

And all the land began to chant. The caves began to chant, the mountains. And the people began to imitate the sounds that they heard of the land vibrating. The old people said that this means a light earthquake. The earth was trembling and that was what the people were hearing. They were saying that the earth was chanting. It was having a light earthquake. And the vibration of the earth and the sounds coming out of the caves, of the mountains, everywhere. People imitated these sounds and that is what they kept alive in the chanting. That was the chant of the caves coming out. And they would chant that over and over again until the earthquake stopped. And then they heard the chanting of the water and great waves came over. Some of these waves swallowed some of the villages and the people knew where to go to find safety. These were the descendants of the people. Descendants of the people 700 years before that survived the great destruction. And they again returned to all the places where the Blue Flowers were blooming again and the same places where their ancestors hid from the darkness, the evil shaman.

And the older people, they always said: This is why; when the people would come into the healing powers they would feel all the vibrations of the earth that have been felt from every generation. The earthquakes of the earth, the chanting, the singing of the earth. It is not the earthquake; it is the singing of the earth. The end.

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