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Spring Herbal Medicine Workshop Series

To Benefit The Olympia Free Herbal Clinic

Classes will be 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm, Saturdays April 5th - May 3rd

  • April 5th: "Spring, the Uprising," with Joyce Netishen
    • Spring, The Uprising...

      Spring is filled with power and action, direction and purpose. It is filled with light.

      In this class we will talk about the personality of spring and its myriad manifestations on the wheel of life, and how each and every one of us is extrinsically linked and connected to the same movement and dance of this season… and every season. We are divine manifestations of the same cosmic forces. We will talk about ways to engender and strengthen the way spring moves through us and explore some plant allies to help us along the way.

      Joyce Netishen is an herbalist and caretaker of Fire Rose Farm, a small, abundant and magical herb farm where she teaches classes in the spirit and mystery of plant medicine, flower essences, and the wheel of life. Her apothecary is filled with an exquisite line of flower essences, handcrafted botanicals and rustic, handmade soap that she prepares in small batches and fills with kindness and beauty and offers to the community. She loves to write and take pictures.

  • April 12th: "Wild Spring Greens," with Elise Krohn
    • Wild Edible Spring Greens. In this hands-on workshop we will explore April’s green offerings including dandelion, miner’s lettuce, sprouts, violets and others. We will discuss plant identification, harvesting techniques, recipes, medicinal uses and preservation techniques. Come ready to taste the vitality of the season!

      Taught by Elise Krohn, herbalist and wild foods educator.

  • April 19th: "Colds, Flus, and Spring Immune Support," with Renee Davis
    • Colds, Flus, and Spring Immune Support, with Renee Davis

      In this class, we’ll discuss the ways in which our bodies & metabolism changes as we transition into Spring. We’ll focus on 3 classes of herbs - immunomodulators, alteratives, and bitter digestive and hepatic tonics - as allies to support our systems at this time. We’ll learn how to prepare and use Reishi/Turkey Tail mushrooms, Dandelion plants, and Elderberries for immune & lymphatic support.

  • April 26th: "Spring Medicine Making," with Sean Croak
    • Spring Medicine Making:
      In this class we will discuss and process into medicines some of the beautiful herbs that are easily harvestable during this time of year, including Willow, Devil's Club, Skunk Cabbage, Cascara, and Nettles. We will learn about medicinal uses of the plants and some techniques for harvesting. We will do some hands on processing of the herbs, get a chance to taste them and make a few specific preparations.
  • May 3rd: "Growing Medicinal Herbs in the Pacific NorthWest," with Ingrid Abbot and Claire Ethier
    • Growing Medicinal Herbs in the Pacific NorthWest," with Ingrid Abbot and Claire Ethier

      This workshop is an introduction to cultivating medicinal plants in our unique bioregion. Claire and Ingrid from Roseroot Herbes will share tips, ideas, and resources for establishing and maintaining a medicine garden.

      Plus free seeds!

    $20 per Workshop, or $75 for all five, Scholarships available

    For more information, or to register, contact: info@dandelionseedcollective.org

    see flyer

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